Research and Analyses

  • Pre-investment reseach: geological, hydrological and geodetic, of construction sites, etc.
  • Evaluation of operative projects and new sites being constructed
  • Feasibility Studies


  • Process (technological) design, including occupatinal health and safety and environmental protection solutions, etc.
  • Pipeline transport in the field of the Chemical and Gas industry, etc.
  • Technological process automation
  • Technological communication links
  • Pipe links for technological processes
  • Compressor stations for natural gas
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning installations (HVAC), etc.
  • Mechanical and construction documentation (MKD) of non-standard equipment
  • Tanks, column equipment, heat exchangers, liftting and transport machines  
  • Electrical installations for industrial sites
  • Architectural and construction design of industrial, public and residential buildings and works, urban solutions, etc.
  • External and internal water-supply and drainage installations, water purification plants, etc,
  • Cadastre activities - development of general plans, layout, vertical and  horizontal planning,roads, railways, communication plans, topgraphic and geodetic works, public works planning, land regulation,etc.
  • Coordination of Project Authorization

Construction Management

  • Technical inspection of the project implementation, field supervision
  • commissioning of  installations
  • Consultation to the purchse of equipment for the sites under construction, data sheets

Marketing and Trade activity

  • Import/export of complete projects, machines, equipment and spare parts 
  • Purchasing/selling of licenses, know-how
  • Import/export of chemical products and other types of goods
  • Conducting of marketing research and maintaining of public relations and advertising
  • Real estates management