SULZER Authorized partner - Grinders

Since april 2003 our company is the sole reprensentative and distributor of JWC International ( for Bulgaria. Since 2019 Chimcomplect-Engineering Company contributes to presentation, design, sales, start-up in operation and maintanance of the equipments under "MONSTER" trade name, like a Authorized Partner of Sulzer  Austria. 


Muffin Monster® ans Channel Monster® grinders help to collection neworks run smoother and reliably. Dual-shafted grinders shred solids such as rags, plasticts, clothing, wire and trash and protect pumps in sewerage system.Technological development of the Company creates new more energy efficiency and ecological oriented models in the last 2015-2016 year.

Main Families modifications: Offered equipments correspont to the latest ecological requirements for waste water treatment and present one step forward to the next generation grinders. 

Contacts for information and enquiries to Marketing Dept.:
tel.: 822-9451, fax 920-1481. GSM 0884 240 757